28 February 2006


this morning i woke up beside my beautiful, snuggly dan. it was great! when we opened the curtains, we were greeted by gorgeous clear skies and steamed-up windows (not for the reason you're thinking, either)... upon opening the windows we discovered the crystal chill of autumn air. autumn has come a day early.

this weather is quite a change from sydney - hot and humid one day, warm and humid the next, humid and raining the day after. and why was i in sydney? you may well ask! i went up for work: we had a stall at the gift and homewares trade show in olympic park (i.e. where people go to sell to businesses). it was our first fair, and the stall looked amazing - so amazing that we won the best new exhibitor award (all credit going to people other than me - i had nothing to do with it, i only stood around looking pretty and selling tea!). i also had a little bit of spare time on sunday night, so i visited sarah and philip (dad's sister and her husband), where i was fed delicious foods and enjoyed the company of non-selling-obsessed people for a few hours... the fair was a fantastic experience, but REALLY INTENSE.

also, i stayed at the ibis hotel in olympic park (O.P. IS SCARY), where the air-conditioner only goes down to 18 degrees, and turns off if you open the window. there was a photo of two half naked men above my bed. they were grappling on the floor. "wrestling" i believe it's called. much bulging of muscles and closing of eyes in... "concentration."

i love flying. leaving sydney last night, the plane climbed into some low cloud, and the low-lying sun lit up the fluff with oranges and pinks. i wouldn't have been surprised if a couple of little cupids had appeared beside my window. it was like falling through a painting. when we banked around and sunk towards tullamarine, the sun was huge and orange on the horizon. it disappeared in our final descent, and by the time i left the airport in the taxi, there was little more than a smidgin of yellow-green to the west...

and now i'm home for a few days, before gallivanting off to east gippsland with esther j for a concert we're playing...

i'll have to get as much snuggling with dan as i can before he leaves for sth africa on sunday.

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  1. Autumn in march? oh you silly aussies and your seasons! i love it! it means my dream of endless summer is possible, well with unlimited airmiles or a private plane, or perhaps even a hot air balloon! A duribible even. or a really big kite...
    Dan's going to S Afrika? Fantastic! Be sure to say hi to Luceille for me!