14 March 2006


dan is away in sth africa. STILL!!! i miss him very much. he says he has been having a good time, though. they started with a 4 day walk along the coast (i think), which included such horrible things as boat rides, champagne breakfasts and wine tastings. the other day they went to a cave... it had stalactites and stalagmites. yesterday they went for a walk in a forest. so they have been very outdoorsy and energetic. dan was also impressed by the tailless cat (not a manx) and its ability to catch voles. VOLES! heheh!... dan will be home in EIGHT DAYS. looking forward to seeing him again.

esther j got a kitten!!!!! it is very cute and small. he is a tabby with white paws, and she called him toby. i think this is short for tobias, and i believe he will grow up to be a librarian. he may also smoke a pipe. who knows?

i got IDed on sunday when i was in footscray buying some juicy alcohol with esther-my-sister!!! hilarious! i haven't been IDed for ages. i'll put this time down on record in case it never happens again.

the research is going ok, but not a whole heap to report. i've collated a large number of articles, and now i feel confident in starting to say some things about them. i am not yet foucault, though i thught reading the book "using foucault's methods" would transform me. never mind. he's dead anyway.


  1. helloooooo
    i am stil mega busy with the move even though i am dead.
    the couch has been moved to the new place is in the garage, where it could conceivably stay until june. we are, however, in edithvale.
    i will become a real person soon

  2. good luck with all the movement. should meet when all is less hectic.

  3. foucault is dead? what!!!?? No one told me!

  4. foucault is not dead. i saw him. he's in thailand. picking up thai girls. i saw him i swear.

    or maybe it was just a drunk guy quoting shakespeare. i can't tell

  5. of course, by dead i mean "picking up young girls in thailand." it's where all those old male theorists go at the end of their seedy lives. foucault. deleuze. derrida. lacan... one day they will be joined by baudrillard, and they'll theorise themselves out of existence!