22 February 2006


so many things are happening.

erin and julia leave for the world in a couple of weeks.

esther j is moving for ascot vale (or is it travancore?) on the weekend.

theresa and nathan have recently welcomed their baby to this life.

sara-jane and i are both back at uni doing masters degrees.

esther o'r-dg (!!!) is settling into her teaching job.

may is soon going to spain with her dad to walk a pilgrimage trail.

rachel b is planning her trip to the USA, or is she planning fame and glory? or both?

i am going to sydney for work on the weekend.

esther j and i are going to east gippsland to play music for people the weekend after.

on that weekend, dan is also leaving for south africa - his cousin is getting married, and he will be away for about 2 1/2 weeks (*pouts*)

there will come a day when i will have space to think. BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY!


  1. when dan goes to seth effrika can he take my bosses with him?

  2. he doesn't think they'd fit in his luggage. those big heads and all.

  3. why must everything always happen all at once, and then nothing happens for a long time...um...and then lots of stuff happens again....yay crazy life! Sounds fun and exhilerating! <-- I don't think I spelt that right...

  4. you didn't spell it right, and now you can't be our friend any more.

    not really.

  5. Oh! Dan's going to South Africa for two and a half weeks! At first I thought it said twenty-one or twenty-two weeks! Hardcore!