13 February 2006



dan and rachel are in the process of buying an apartment in thornbury, right near the merri creek and the lygon st tram!

DETAILS: 2 bedrooms, gas heating and cooking, a bath with shower, laundry facilities in bathroom, decent sized lounge with balcony, off street parking, security entrance... it is tenanted until june. our settlement is on 11th june, and we will move in shortly after!

we have a building inspection at 5pm today (my uncle leigh is doing us a great favour), and will then go to the real estate agent's office and give him ALL OUR MONEY as a deposit!!! and also, quite probably, our souls.

for pics, check out dan's site (link on right) and click on the link called "HOME"...



  1. It's so fresh and clean looking! Like a toothpaste commercial! Does it come with the bamboo blinds and brown velvety-like couches? Nice to know you have happy neighbours, what with the creek and all. And don't worry, you weren't using your souls anyway!

  2. you're right, who needs souls? overrated, i say. mwhahahahaaaa... actually, if nobody needed a soul, then why would real estate agents want them? what do they do with them? are they storing them in nuclear-proof safes for after the apocolypse?

    unforunately no velvety brown couches. but the blinds, allegedly, yes!