4 November 2005


we did washing this morning... here is a list of things about it.

a wash load costs $3... rip off!
a dry for 10 mins costs $1... it is never enough
we did two loads or washing
and one load of drying (twice)
things that we put in the dryer: undies, socks and pillow cases.
things that did not dry: one pair each of toe socks, normal socks and ankle socks,
we had to buy another pack of powder, because we ran out.
we have hung up all the wet teeshirts (Tshirts?) and one pair of jeans and one jumper.

and that is the excitement of the day.

apart from when esther j called from berlin with mich and charlie and young genna. that was nice.

yesterday esther w came over with REALLY YUMMY ICYPOLES that were homemade from her lemon tree and were lemon juice and sugar and a very little bit of water and they made us have facial spasms. yum..

and we might see esther o'r-d g (hee!) tonight, although she is a bit sick.

that is the esthers accounted for.

The Country was fun. why is it that, although i rarely just go out for a cup of coffee by myself when i am here, i always crave it when i am in The aforementioned Country? is it just because i can't do it? mum and i had a nice walk, i forced some of my novel on both pezzas, and we went opshopping.

i am now going to go and eat pasta with dan. OH! there are a couple of new pix up in the scotland section of photobucket. check em!

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  1. The One True Esther5:43 am, November 07, 2005


    Berlin and Thai food are calling to me but I shall leave this here messagee and say HI! Hai hai! The sun even shon today and we went to the flea market and I bought prints of mich & charlie´s friends´ work what I really like. Then I went and saw Picasso, much much picasso what mad eme happy.

    Gotta dash in a dashing dashful way!

    Love to youse both,