7 November 2005


yes, that's right! rachel (that's me!) is now an employee again!

i got the casual (causal pay, part time hours) position at the tea party - a little shop on victoria street in the vic market. it sells tea, suprisingly. and teapots, and CUPS (don't despair, mum!!!). i'm very happy about it, because now i can eat, pay rent, buy a house, EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE WORLD! particularly drink tea!

in other news, dan and i went to the nova today, for cheap-arse monday, and saw paradise now - the film about two young palestinian lads who are in line to become martyrs/suicide bombers. very intense, but great.

also went to brunetti's for the first time back in melb. ahhhhh...

i have written a song about the breakdown of a relationship, using employment metaphors. fitting? (i'm handing in my name tag, hart hat, should have done it sooner. i'm giving you my two week's notice, and i'm calling in the union)...

damn john howard - and ALL the liberal party, and their families, neighbours, pets and gardens - to the pits of pit-ness. IR is sooooooo angry-making.

but i have a job! woohoo!

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  1. Hey lovely! Congrats on the new job! Is this the same tea place from where you purchased cute, little, handle-less tea cups for friends as Xmas pressies a couple of Xmases ago? I miss my Rach/Dan tea cups (admittedly, I think I only ever used them for coffee...). Luckily, I have new Rach/Dan tea cups now (a red one, a blue one, both with handles). And Rach/Dan bowls (both white, accompanied by black chopsticks and holes for chopsticks. Very tricky these holes, especially when you're trying to drink the dregs of your soup from the bowls and you forget that there's a hole in the bowl and you wonder why the soup isn't pouring forth into your mouth. Then you feel something warm and wet down your front and realise that your soup has poured forth through the hole, onto your chest. Then you remember the hole. Heh)! Me hopes yous two are doin good.