8 November 2005


woo! two in one week! dan got a job today working for DODO, DODO, INTERNET THAT FLIES! in highpoint.. it is a part time position, 20-40 hrs p/w til christmas, probably going into full-time later. yippy-yi-yay!

they offered him the job straight after the Group Interview. pretty good huh?

that's because dan is the best! i'd give him a job any day (hey, dan, i can be your reference!!!)

how is everyone?

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  1. Highpoint, eh? That was the skanky high school hang-out way back when I was a young'n'. Congrats to you on your job Dan, but steer clear of the skanks!! Much much MUCH love to you both! XO
    P.S. Do you have internet at your place now? The updates are impressively frequent!