30 October 2005


today dan and i are off to my cousin kate's second wedding (it's like hobbits and breakfast)... well, she got married a couple of months ago in new zealand, and is now doing the ceremony over here for her australian people. mum and dad are coming down this morning and taking us and esther and andrew out for lunch before we whoop it up with the family.

then i'm going back to The Country with the pezzas for a couple of days... i think i will relax in a bath with essential oils, go for some walks and quiz mum about plants and their various names and used so i can put them in my book. i will also look at chooks and laugh at their funniness.

and i will continue re-reading the lord of the rings. i haven't read it since (the sixth time?) just before the first film came out. i'ts a lot drier than i remember, but i'm really enjoying it as a history this time - and (don't flame me, fans) i am actually BOTHERING to READ all the SONGS!!! some of them are quite complex, with a lovely rhyme/rhythm scheme that i can't elucidate because i never paid attention to formal structuring of poetry in creative writing classes.

all about freeform
the hiccup jazz poetic
no structure for me

ha. i'm so witty.

our garage sale was SHIT!!! we obviously didn't signpost it well enough, and also with it being a racing weekend, and almost a long weekend... dead... we had some neighbours and our lovely friends, we sold some things, and donated the rest to erin's schoolkids for their fundraising jumble sale. we made a grand total of $40!!! but we got our tax returns back the other day, and that was nice!

oh, i was accepted into masters, too. yai! now to wait until i get a scholarship offer, and we're set!

hope everyone is well, and thank to those who came along to the sale!



  1. welcome back travellers! glad to hear you are home safe and well - will sure miss all the loverly stoires about over yonder tho!

    The little snippit of your book is great - you are so talented and amazing - my sister would just love it (she is a book freak now...how strange...) and obsessed with all that japanese animei movies stuff about dragons and plots I just can't seem to understand....

    sorry to hear about your garage sale (I am wetting myself laughing after reading the big capital letters and emphasis on the shitness of it though so I'd give you $2 for that laugh!)

    Will endevour to chat to you soon for a catch up & hope all is well with things back HOME!

  2. yai!!! theresa! how are you? if you have dan's mobile, the number is the same, otherwise our home number has changed. if your mobs i sthe same, i will text you! how is life? speak soon!!!