23 October 2005


© 2005 Chiera, Greaves, Katz and Williams

Today I saw a cat and thought of you
Today I read your blog and thought of you
Today I got your postcard
Today I walked to Carlton
Today I ordered flowers and thought of you

Did you think of me when you were eating crepes in Hampstead?
Did you thing of me when you were defacing currency?
When the dodgy French men
Touched you inappropriately
Did you think of me?

Esther, you are the best-er
I wrote some fanfic
Where you came back to Australia
Esther, oh yes we missed ya
I had a dream where
Gary kissed ya
In a bulldozer

Today I saw a Mormon and thought of you
Today I saw some orthodox Jews and they made me think of you too
Today I saw a book, I saw a fridge, I saw some houses
Today I saw a cup of tea, but no tartan troosers yet
Today I saw the sky and though of you
Did you think of me too?

Esther, did you think of me too?
Esther, you are the best-er
Esther, did you think of me too?


aww!!! hey, by the way, the post just below this one is the prologue to the novel i'm writing. don't read it if you haven't got time!!!


  1. esther von snow in oulu town9:24 pm, October 23, 2005

    oh wow! guys! ... i can't believe you wrote a song for/about me. or is it about one of the many other esthers around, all of whome know the love that is gazza and the joy of french men. JOY i tell you. (well there was one, and only one, who was nice and gave me cheapo internet and also via him i got a free crepe! so i will go back & find him when i return to paris...) anyway, oh wow! i'm so impressed. i want to hear this song! i am in oulu, finland, now with marnie... so may be able to callllllllllllllllllllll............

  2. estherer von frost11:44 pm, October 24, 2005

    Hello again, me again! Seeing as you posted a comment on my blog without emailing you I will do the same -- Where, oh where, are the pictures from the land of Scots and tartan troosers?? I want pictures posted! Did we take any pictures of tartan trooser clad gents? I want! I want! Post, post, post them you harlet or I will smite thee with my tambourinical wrath!

    other than that, i still love the songe and it was SO good to talk to you last night! We be off to Helsinki tonight so no more plentiful internet access for me. :-(