19 October 2005



what i wrote in my masters proposal:

The dissertation will discuss the representation and construction of trans people by contemporary mainstream Victorian newspapers. Focussing on articles covering two separate stories, I will use trans theory (informed by queer, post-structuralist and other theorisations of gender and language) to analyse:
* language used by newspapers to describe and construct trans identities;
* depth and quality of coverage by newspapers of trans issues;
* agency of trans people in news articles.
I will then conduct a survey with trans people to highlight problems and issues encountered, and use the results to produce a set of guidelines outlining these problems and suggesting some solutions.

something similar was in my scolarship (or scholaphris, as i just typed!) application. i have submitted both, online and in person, along with various sundry pieces of paper either required or not required depending on what you read and who you ask.

dan is looking for jobs (so if you know any full-time jobs related to AV things, please tell us), and i am writing my book.

speaking of books, we have spent about $200 on them so far since returning. we have a library. you can borrow for a $2 deposit.

house is still nice. housewarming was lovely. we even met a couple of our neighbours - one is called julie, and she works in a kindergarted and writes kids stories... i hope she brings some downstairs to read. we have walked into the city 3 or 4 times through royal park. we are so close to the zoo!!! it's very cool. dan saw an elephant from the tram the other day!

and now i must go. i wonder if anyone will read this now we are not in an exiting foreign-type country?


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  3. wow! sam AND the one minute porn people are reading it! i'm very impressed!... don't think we will make the rally on saturday, which is sort of crap. but maybe we'll see you soon, huh?

  4. esther von finlandia7:39 pm, October 22, 2005

    hello hello! (chris and marie style)

    *i* am reading it, but that's a new thing for the travelling me - only have time to read it now because i'm at marnie's place in oulu, finland (n*now* the most northerly place i've been!), and she has broadband and is right now in the shower! ha ha! so time for minute porn films... heh heh heh....

    take care buddies. i miss youse.
    love, E. xxx

  5. by the way - where are pics from scotland????!@!!!!! i wanna see kitties. ;-)

    proposal sounds good. my newest friend (jo, the american) has a transgendered friend who now lives in san fran and jo says i can go and stay with him there in his hippy trans comune! cool-o. can also stay with her in providence and another of her friend in new york - so i'm all set up for the day i go to the great us of a.

  6. I'm reading too! Post-structuralist? You mean Judith Butler, don't you?