2 July 2005


hulloooooooooooooo!!! we're back 'home' in london, and about to head off to nottingham for the weekend for some days of sherrifs, robin hoods, sherwoods, and memories of dan's university days... and also for the birthday of eliot's friend becki. dan and i are driving up this morning, and coming back on monday - hopefully via some sort of hedgehog sanctuary or something... EEP! HEDGEHOGS! next week ross is coming down for a couple of nights for his birthday, so we shall be doing wacky rossage type things with him. looking forward to it!

so, paris, huh? crazy! it's really quite lovely, and all the people we dealt with were friendly and helpful... don't know what the world has against the french, because they were generally much more polite (in shops, restaurants, etc) than italians, spanish and especially english! not that i go in for these broad generalisations... so, the eiffel tower. is really. bloody. big. no denying it any longer - it's much bigger than the original in prague. however, as one of the 'legs' was closed when we got there, the lines were even bigger, so we couldn't be arsed waiting for an hour just to pay 10EUR to go up. so we took a boat home along the seine, instead... what else?... ah, the marais - the jewish and gay quarter! everything you could possibly need all in one convenient bit of paris. we went to the memorial de la shoah (holocaust museum), which was comprehensive, interesting and free (which always makes everything better!), and also nice and cool after the heat of paris (apart from a massive downpour, the weather was generally nice and warm). ate at a couple of excellent places, one called chez marianne (in marais) recommended by lonely planet - selling wonderful dips and kosher delights - and one called la fourmi ailee, just near the hostel, selling fresh meals (vegetarian options), with the walls covered in books, paintings etc. very cool!

but enough of paris. we are now in london!... there are some excellent things about being back here. firstly - familiar faces (in both senses)!!! so, so nice to arrive somewhere and KNOW people (like visiting michelle and charlie in berlin, and peter in roermond), and have a place to stay and catch up on gossip, share pictures, etc. i've now seen some of dan's friend's houses - louis' in west hampstead, and last night we went to the house that emily and richard have bought (BOUGHT!) in borehamwood (where we were fed so much delicious home made pizza, and got to meet the CUTEST KITTEN in london - Raisin!)... another excellent thing about being back is that everyone drives on the correct side of the road, and at pedestrian crossings THE CARS WAIT FOR THE PEDESTRIANS! yes, sirree! they see you standing at the side of the road and they STOP so you can cross!!! no longer do i fear for my life!... one more thing of strangeness about being back in england is the LANGUAGE: firstly, i can't talk nonsense in a loud voice to dan as we're walking down the main street because everyone will know that i'm talking crap! (not that it really stops me, though)... and the other day we went shopping, and when it came time to say thankyou to the shop assistant, i couldn't remember which language we were meant to be talking, and did a bit of a stutter: 'gra- da- mer- thank you'... hmmm, that english is a wacky language. should also mention that on that particular shopping trip, we got a bottle of barossa valley shiraz... and OH MY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD! i have been longing for an australian shiraz for i don't know how long!!!

yesterday we went to edgeware with orly, and bought guitar strings. we cleaned up dan's 2 guitars (one of which had the grand total of, i think, two strings when we arrived) and re-strung them... so now i have a piano and a guitar to play! bliss! and the piano was also tuned recently... ah... (after the piano in the hostel in paris, you would feel the same way!!!)... what else? oh, i am learing to play pool!!! you might not think that that statement deserves 3 exclamation marks, but you haven't seen me play before, have you?...

enough for now, i want breakfast! hope you are all well. how is the band? jules and erin and esther autograph, how are reports etc? rachel how is the film? esther j, how excited are you!!!!???? naomi, how is the thesis? ben g, 'sup?! esther noo, how is the $75 per fortnight going, and how is our alex the palm? sj and sam, tell us crazy goss! mum and dad, when does the exhibition come down? michelle and charlie - crazy, we saw you in berlin! we're going to make the cannelloni next week... and all other people and gossips welcome to leave comments!


  1. Ooohhh...it all sounds so fun! I love that you describe all the food you've been eating! That is surely the best bit of travelling!

    We are good at the moment... i have just cut my hair VERY short so i feel the breeze in lots of little new places. Erin is nice and cute. Reports were HORRENDOUS but they are now over and i had to go through the gloriously complicated process of reapplying for my job...joy... I saw mr and mrs smith the other day and it was FANTASTIC. i was so turned on in lots of new ways for the duration of the film. and i saw batman last night. BATMAN! Nanananananananananana BATMAN! Anyway, enough of my crap...toodles!

    Julia xo

  2. theresa(yer old-old school pal!)2:40 pm, July 05, 2005

    Ohmigod! you guys have done so much...and slack me has not written to you once! What a fantastic time you must be having!

    I see now what I have been missing by not regularly logging on...will be sure to tune in for more regular updates in the near future!

    Sounds like you are both having a great time & I am sooo amazingly jealous! You describe everything in such delicious detail!

    Life with me is pretty much same but doing well & enjoying life (am loving living so close to the snow at the moment - oh so cold but still oh so pretty!).

    Love to you both & lots of hugs! Will try my best to say hi more often!

  3. hiiii
    it's now ALL ABOUT THE DOCTOR, kate and i have been wearing stickers around saying 'i heart the doctor' (literally heart). doctor doctor, i just want to pat your little head.
    it's my birthday on saturday! we shall all celebrate! even you over there.
    the play is stunted, but will be performed in 303 in northcote. we keep saying, 'if only they were here to make the music for the play', ah well.
    i'm picking sj/es up from the airport on fri after their tour of the us/canadia, ihave looked after cats!
    apparently asexuality is a semi-official sexuality now, ever since my reading of an article in new scientist.. i'm thinking of getting a tshirt with a flaming A on it. people are dubious, but seperating desire from sex is legitimate enough for me.
    the other night we talked about rubbing rachel's head and how much we missed it (the head)..(maybe the rest of her too)

    remember- THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!...(and billie)