7 July 2005


very quickly: as far as we know, no friends or family have been killed or injured by the explosions in the underground or on buses around london. we are both ok.

ross is down at the moment, and we were meant to go to some museums etc today, but it looks like it will be a bit too much of a hassle, as the tube is closed, buses are packed, people are all out in their cars.

nottingham was nice - becki has the cutest kitten in the town (mostly white, with black stripe over face!), which is, in eliot's words 'just on the wrong side of coordinated,' and pounces on everything that moves!!! sherwood forest was great - went for a 5.5 mile (about 8 km) walk, and it was sunny and beautiful. lots of wheat fields that made me want to eat bread and cereal! they make such a cool noise in the wind, too - the word 'rustle' describes it fairly well, but i think the word 'sheaves' really has the best onomatopoeiac element to it...

sorry we've been a bit slack, but there are so many things to do here - play pool, piano, guitar, talk to people (in english!), watch big brother (it is really quite bizarre over here), see friends and cats... win olympic bids... i wonder if the french are responsible for the explosions - they're pissed off that paris didn't get the olympics? (bad me - too flippant)

see you soon. i hope that if any of our london friends/friends in london are reading this, that you will confirm that you're alive and well. shalom.


  1. Glad to know you are ok. Keep safe :-)

  2. yay, glad to know that you're okay, because we was a bit worried for a mo, what with you being early birds and all.

    be safe
    love sam, anthony, kate, andy.

  3. good to hear you're safe & well. Must be a bit of craziness at the moment.
    Keep us posted.

  4. *sigh of relief*

    *smooshes you both*

    Thank gods. We were on a plane and had no idea about where anyone was at the moment etc.

    So glad.

  5. Yo!

    the french, or someone who hates buses. and trains. *hates* them. (which i can understand - the sandringham line... don't get me started). or not.

    v. v. v. good to hear you're all ok. was watching london on telly last night with morris in me lap (cat-sitting at miller st at the mo) and then there was a power blackout! talk about timing! yeah, so...


    much love to youse all, and again, very glad to hear you're ok - was going to call you to check (wah? twice in one week!)
    von esther

  6. Also, the postcard was waiting for us when we got home and it was coooooool.

  7. hey guys... thanks so much for all the thoughts etc. londond seems remarkably calm, all things considered - i can't imagine that melbourne would be anywhere near so organised. then again, the uk was dealing with the ira on a semi-regular basis not so long ago. some theories have pointed towards the cornish seperatist army as being the instigators of the bombings. at any rate, i think this is themost number of messages we've recieved on the blog for a long time, which makes us feel special and wanted. perhaps we should have emergency situations more often...