25 June 2005


just to let you all know we are safe and sound and REALLY LIKING PARIS (much to my surprise)... the tower is poking up, belleville is happening (no triplets, though), the food has been good, the catacombes full of bones and skulls (which i guess count as bones, too), the cemetery has famous ppl in it (but we got lost, so no oscar wilde for us!), the louvre is HUGE and in places impressive (in others over the top), mona lisa still ENIGMATIC, and the PARIS PRIDE MARCH JUST WENT PAST!!! YAY! lots of dancing, and lots of us queeros living it up!

namur (where we stayed in belgium) was great, too - despite the weird plastic covered sleeping appratus! the city skyline is dominated by the medieval citadel, which houses - most excitingly - underground pasages, which you can explore... but you need to take a torch! luckily we had been warned, so we had a lot of fun, pretending to be soldiers defending the castle, or invading forces holding the citadelle under seige!... at least i did, and dan laughed at me for being a COMPLETE AND UTTER NERD!!! We also had waffles and chips - for which belgium is rightly famous (and apart from deep fried potatoes i ate NO vegies in belgium... erk.)

we will fill you in properly when we get to london - prolly tuesday... or wednesday if we're lazy. dan's folks are coming to paris tonight, and we will pick them up from the station in... FOUR HOURS!!! v. exciting!

so, hope you are well, and keep up the messages... we want GOSSIP GODDAMIT!.. and, esther von oldie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again. hope it was fun!


  1. hello!

    i like your pussies! it's cold at my desk - ice forming on my fingertips, etc. so paris, you say. how about that?

    ok, well, things to see, people to do.

    catch you later, possibly in September....!


  2. Greetings DanRachelTravel,

    Ah, if only there was gossip to share...Alas, there is none to speak of... My dishwasher caught on fire about a week ago and we had call the fire brigade. That was pretty exciting. Two fire trucks came to our aid, bristling with burly firemen! One even had a moustache. Much to Julia's dismay, none of them were attractive women-firemen. Or should I say firepeople? Firepersons?

    What else...? There was a dalek on Doctor Who on Saturday night, that was really quite special. I may have gotten so excited that I did a bit of dance around the room. Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!
    I wish I had a tardis...Bow before me! I am the queen of the nerds!

    I'm glad you've been skulking around cemetries in Europe. What fun! History and dead things. A delighful combination...

    Jonny S.