11 July 2005


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Yes, folks, you guessed it... it's ALL NEW PICTURES time again! This time from our adventures in Holland, Belgium and France. There is also a new photo of a cat on the main page - see if you can spot it.

We are almost out of space in our photobucket album, so watch this space for details of an ALL NEW, thrilling, ACTION-PACKED journey through our NEVER BEFORE SEEN photo album-o-rama... OF DEATH!!!

Toodle pip, darlings

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  1. Ben G Maximilian10:43 pm, July 14, 2005

    Heya Rachel! Just checked in again! All newly 24!!!!! Squee! ;) Didn't get drunk...yet. ;) Cos silly birthday has to be mid friggin week doesn't it? Grrr. Going to have a few on the weekend though...need to celebrate it properly after all! Much to tell here, some good, some not so good and some that could be good or not so good. Heh...confusing eh? Well...well...well. (Tried to say something witty rather than well...tough! but nothing came!) Hear from you soon I'm sure. Will keep tabs on the website! :) Keep having fun! :)