2 March 2013


OK, given that we are now about 7 months behind, I think it's safe to say we're not going to be making individual blog posts about all our adventures. Instead, I'm going to share a selection of photos with you which will hopefully give you a bit of an idea of how we spent our time between July and December 2012.

J interviewed for and got a job near Battle in East Sussex, and we moved down here

Dartford Bridge
Crossing Dartford bridge on the way to the interview

Flower garden
Staying with a friend in Robertsbridge while we looked for a house

Riding into the misty sunrise
Just around the corner from the little house we rented

Through the daisies
An early autumn walk through the fields

Wide path
Battle Great Wood - J can ride to work through here

From the window
The view from the upstairs window

Low sun in Battle, Autumn 2012
Our street at sunset

Autumn tinted
Going for a walk in the local area, autumn has arrived

One way or the other
We're not the only ones who enjoy it!

Lemon honey leaves
Autumn glory

Darwell Reservoir from Brightling
Darwell Reservoir

Battle Abbey gate
Battle Abbey - a couple of minutes down the road

J in the doorway
Visiting the Abbey with a friend


We went to Norfolk twice - in August and December

Out for a walk
Walking with the family

Dog, backlit
Cute dog

On Ringstead Downs
This was clearly the August visit!

Wheat before the storm
We got drenched shortly after

Picture story
By this point we were soaked

Well, it is Norfolk
This is clearly January!

Settling in
Land art at Courtyard Farm


J did a sponsored walk/ride from Suffolk to London

Heading off

Avenue, Essex
Somewhere in Essex...

The foolish four attempt a crossing...
We didn't make it across this 'ford'!

Five on a boat
We managed to catch our boat

Bradwell nuclear power station
From the water

The peacefulness of left-behind
Trusty steed!

Against the sky
The others checking the map

London from the periphery
Back to the edge of London


We visited some interesting places

At Knole House

With a friend!

These are Mad Jack Fuller's follies - look them up!

D in the tower!

Mad Jack Fuller's temple

Mad Jack Fuller's sugar loaf

Mad Jack Fuller's grotto

Mad Jack Fuller's pyramid tomb


We've hung out in Hastings...

The Old Town

Looking down to Hastings from West Hill
The view over the town

The English Channel

Sunset in Hastings
Near Hastings Library

Sunny Cooden Beach
OK, this is technically Bexhill!


And that's just up until December 2012. We will share more photos from 2013 with you in the coming weeks. But before that... we are going to Norway!!! See you when we return!



  1. so good to see your gorgeous faces amongst all that lovely scenery. miss you both x

  2. Sorry for the delay in replying! We miss you too! If you ever get to Europe while we're here, please come and stay!