13 January 2013


We went to Wales in July for our 10th anniversary. We stayed one night in the Hunters Moon Inn (where we stayed back in 2005 for our anniversary!) and one night in a campsite beside Llanthony Priory. Amazing! We climbed Pen-y-Fan/Corn Ddu (from a different direction than in 2005) and Ysgyryd Fawr, visited Hay-on-Wye via Gospel Pass where we climbed Lord Hereford's Knob (a funnier name than Twmpa, it's proper name) and generally had a great weekend.

Panorama from the slopes of Pen y Fan

I'm posting some pics here, but you can find all the photos on Flickr.

Corn Ddu and Pen-y-Fan

Setting off up the hill!

No vehicles beyond this point

King of the Mountain

Back down into the valley

On Corn Ddu...

Skyfall on Corn Ddu

Disappearing view 1


Ysgyryd Fawr

Long straight path...

Mossy wall


The view from Ysgyryd Fawr

Sugar Loaf from Ysgyryd Fawr

D on Ysgyryd Fawr (Skirrid Fawr) in the sun

Foxgloves at height

Gospel Pass and Twmpa

To the Gospel Pass

Lord Hereford's Knob

Gospel Pass under Hay Bluff

Cloud ceiling / between land and sky

Llanthony Priory camping

More views from the campsite


Next to our campsite

So that was our visit to Wales!


  1. I just had to share, you are the sweetest couple and I love your photos and sharing. Good info on the Allium triquetrum. I just snacked on some amazed at doing it after gardening around them for a few years now.

  2. Hi Ellie and thanks! :) I'm so pleased you have been able to find a tasty use for the Allium triquetrum, too.