19 May 2013


So, soon after our last post, we went to Norway for a bit over a week. It was pretty great! Visiting our friends, and the hospitality of their family made it an extra special holiday. Here are most of our photos.

We landed in Oslo and stayed overnight with our friends. The next morning we went for a walk up the hill into the park, posed like 'The Scream' and almost had to call the emergency services to get us off a very icy hillside! But eventually we made it down and had some tasty coffee (J) and tea (D).

Black and white in Gronlandspark

Everyone is fond of them


Where we were staying

View from Ekerbergparken

Good coffee in Oslo

Then we hopped on a bus to Høydalsmo (Telemark region), where we stayed for a few days in our friend's parents' cabin. We went to a number of museums, drove around and saw the sights (mountains! fjords! old towns! ski slopes! elk! norwegian waffles!) and attempted to ski for an afternoon. We also went for some nice walks over the frozen lake and around the cross country ski track.


West Telemark Museum (from outside)

Mackerel sky, stave church

Joining in

Norwegian waffles

Posing (not really skiing!)

D demonstrates one technique for stopping

Hiking on the lake

Snow boats

Sunken caravan

Red cabin in Hoydalsmo

After a lovely relaxing stay, we jumped on a bus back to Oslo. We went to an interesting gig, saw a totally bizarre panel discussion with Camille Paglia and visited some fab museums on Bygdøy. I was particularly taken by the Viking Ships Museum and took a lot of photos of the building.

Viking ship



Storehouse at the Norsk Folkemuseum

Fancy bricks

All in all - yay! A nice holiday. We hope to go back sometime in summer, when all the waterways won't be frozen over. It must be a very different experience. Thank you so much to our friends J and H, and J's family for their hospitality.

Here we are!

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  1. Amazing photos! Glad you had such a great trip.