9 January 2011


(I love the way that futures hover, unmanageably big, beautiful and slightly out of reach, like a kite, but inevitably there’s the process of trying to catch at it, to tug down a string to let it become at least mildly real)

~ Wildly Parenthetical's words

There will be more discussions of futures on this blog in 2011, I think, as we start attaching the strings of bureaucracy and reality to our kite-like fancies of moving to the UK in September(ish).

Conversely, the knowledge that "this will probably be our last summer/autumn/winter in Melbourne for a few years" makes me all the more determined to immerse myself in the wonder of the present, to let it seep into my pores. Perhaps there is part of a desire to carry an embodied memory of this home with us wherever we go, like prune-y skin after a bath.


D's Australian citizenship ceremony is on January 26th. After that, I will start collecting paperwork in earnest for my UK visa application.


  1. Good luck with it! Mrs. J doesn't hail from these shores so I know what a PITA it all is.

    Having been for a lovely walk last weekend at the price of getting very cold and picking up half a ton of mud on my boots, I'm mystified that you'd exchange the surroundings you've shared with us here, for the cold, wet UK! :)

  2. Hi Jenny. Thanks! We've done the whole partnership visa thing for D to get residency here, so we're hoping that our experience of that (tough, nerve-wracking) gives us some idea of what it'll be like for me to get a visa for the UK.

    It's funny - actually walking in the UK is one of the major drawcards. Your footpath and ROW access is absolutely amazing and much more accessible than (country/bush) walking here. The weather? Well, let's just say (I think) I'd rather be cold in your winter than sweltering in our summer! At least you can put more clothes on!

  3. It's true, we do rather take those little red lines on the OS maps for granted.

  4. when we settle down i hope to walk every path within a 10km radius of where we live! in fact, why not make it a 10mi radius instead?! something to aim for.

  5. (Looks guiltily at local OS map) Haven't done badly within 5 miles, but I'm afraid I'm woefully inadequate for the next 5! That's an awful lot of paths unwalked.

  6. think of all those opportunities! go for it! :D