12 February 2011


So... long time, no write! I blame a number of things. First and foremost, I've stepped up my dissertation-writing a notch and therefore have less time to blog, walk, upload photos, or blog about walking and photos! Second, now that I'm not doing a significant challenge like 2010km in 2010, I'm just not walking as much. My challenge this year is to get out of the house every day (minimum walk: 500m!), which I've managed so far! Third... *handwave*. You know: life, laziness, stuff and things. Hopefully I'll blog about a couple of walks over the next week or so.

First, though, some pictures from the first few days of January, when we went to stay with my folks. (You can read more about most of them by clicking on the image - it will take you through to the Flickr page.)

First sunrise of the year:
first morning of the year

First dinner of the year:
big stack o' pancakes

Small things and details walking in the bush out the back of their place:

hyacinth orchid



little green spider with red and white on the back

raindrops on purple leaf 1

Protea in the garden:
fucking enormous protea!

Photos from a great bushbash we did to find old, overgrown tracks and a random abandoned bridge in the State Forest:
j & e on the track

"the monash"


giant stick insect (dead)

j on the old bridge

come along!

bush tea

little red flowers

Around the house:
guest room


east verandah, looking south

jazz hands!

the before photo

There you are! It was a wonderful, relaxing start to the year.

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