31 December 2010


almost exactly a month ago we went out o healesville for a couple of nights. we went to the sanctuary for an afternoon (it was fab) and walked down to our b&b (rescuing a poor, orphaned blackbird chick on the way), then the next day did a 26km walk up to the top of mt st leonard and back via the reservoir. this post is just our walk in photos, not much commentary. you can see all the photos from the day here and a map here. it was a great day, and i'd totally go up the mountain again, despite how steep and exhausting it was in places!

j & d start walking!
us at the start!

b&b view, morning
morning view from the b&b

view of mt st leonard from healesville
the mountain we're heading towards

d at the ford
db crossing an unexpected ford!

there was lots of evidence of the fires

Thysanotus uberosus
thysanotus uberosus or common fringe-lily

path, shadow and regrowth

slashing ahead!
alas, it was only men with heavy machinery. but we shipped them anyway!

it never looks as steep in photos! #2
it got very steep towards the end, but it doesn't translate in the photo!

sudden change
at one point, near the top of the hill, the vegetation suddenly changed, with long green grasses and ferns suddenly springing up below the trees.

view from mt st leonard 2

view from mt st leonard 1
the view towards the city!

d flakes out
time for lunch and a nap

omg, db is the cutest thing i have EVER SEEN. :O :O :O

scone cart here?
heading back down - this was the fire access road/firebreak along the ridge

ridge end road
more of the track

creepy baby in a tree

thumbs up
back at donnelly's weir - i'm in ur water supply, melbs!

bicentennial national trail map and info board
map of the bicentennial national trail (mainly for horses) - we've walked the first 8km of it! ;)

aqueduct and path
so random - an aqueduct in the middle of the bush

maroondah dam from the lookout
maroondah reservoir and dam from the lookout

maroondah reservoir reflections
from the dam wall

rose stairs at maroondah reservoir
the reservoir park would be lovely for a picnic

valve houses, maroondah dam
valve houses (or SO THEY SAY) with boobs on top.

d and the dam wall
d contemplates the dam wall

crimson rosella (juvenile)
juvenile crimson rosella, coming to steal your nuts!

b&b view, sunset
sunset from the b&b

the climb up mt st leonard was much steeper and much slower than we expected, and as a result we had to ration our water (we are usually much more careful bringing extra water, and this was a timely reminder to continue being careful!) until we got back to civilisation. the views from the top were totally worth the climb, though. when we were up the lookout tower, a couple of walkers joined us having done part of a circular walk from down near the ford. maybe we'll try it next time we're out there, if we're feeling fit (they said it was quite a scramble in places). maroondah reservoir park also seems like a lovely place for a picnic and some short walks for those less keen on spending a day out getting sweaty and exhausted!