15 May 2009


I've been using friendly places to look for queer-friendly (well, 'gay & lesbian friendly', which I hope means the same thing) accommodation in the UK, or to check if accommodation we've already booked is listed there. They also have categories like 'walker friendly', 'diet friendly' (i assume this means veg*n rather than OMG-I-CAN'T-HAVE-THAT-MANY-CALORIES), 'child & family friendly' . . . and water sports friendly. tell me it's not just me that finds this amusing - who knew that kink was so popular they mentioned it in accommodation guides!

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I've got some new orthotics. They're amazing! Compared to my old ones they are much more contemporary, they are narrower at the front (no more poking through my shoes), they are lower around the heel (no more hurting my feet and making huge calluses that I need a Ped Egg to get off!), they have these awesome cushiony bits in the heel (shock absorbers!), and they have heel stabiliser underneath (so my foot rolls inwards less). Maybe I'll take a picture and show you a comparison!

Anyway, I went to see Sarah at Vigor Clinic on the corner of Smith St and Kerr St in Collingwood. She is exceptionally lovely, listened to my concerns, explained exactly what she was doing and why, went through what to look for in shoes, and was generally one of the nicest health professionals I've seen (and definitely the nicest podiatrist)!


Here's a couple of questions for you. I'd love to hear your answers in the comments!

1. Why do or don't you walk?

2. What would you most like to see (as a tourist, ex-pat, temporary or long-term resident) in a walking book about Melbourne?

3. What kinds of things are important for you to know when you go on a walk? (e.g. history of area, location of cafes, hills, first aid, what food to take, etc.)

4. What is your favourite walking book? Why?

5. How many walks do you think would be enough in a book? Why?

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