17 May 2009


DB and I just finished watching Julia Bradbury's Coast-to-Coast walk series, and in the last episode she goes through a kissing gate with another person. AND THEY DON'T KISS! IT'S THE LAW TO KISS AT A KISSING GATE! Well, that's what we decided some years ago, and so now whenever we walk by ourselves or with others, we have a train of kisses passing from one member of the party to the next. It's fun! Anyway, we weren't sure why kissing gates have that name, so I typed "why is a kissing gate called a kissing gate" into Google, and the Wikipedia entry told me:

The name may be associated with a traditional game played when more than one person is passing through a kissing gate. In order for one person to pass fully through the gate they have to close it to the next person. At this point, when the two are on either side of the gate, the person in front "refuses" entry to the second person until presented with a kiss. Indeed in some circles it is considered good form for everyone passing through a kissing gate to exchange kisses in this way (provided all parties are sufficiently friendly with each other).

I'm quite amused that we came up with this completely separately. I guess it's not that odd, really, since what else would you do at a kissing gate but kiss?