4 September 2008


You know what is beautiful?

Taking the time out of holiday preparations and uni work to walk from Thornbury to the city on a gorgeous spring day.

I left the house at about 12, and headed via Melbourne Uni library to the Vic Markets, where I left my keys at work on Saturday. I walked a slightly different route to uni than usual, which was lovely because I got to see the back gardens of Brunswick and Carlton bursting with spring flowers, the sweet scent of jasmine wafting down the sleepy weekday streets. I then walked alongside Princes Park and the cemetery, down beside the uni (dropping off my books) and lastly down Elizabeth St and up Victoria St to work. I tried to walk as many laneways and alleyways as possible, keeping more off the main roads, and I was afforded a few surprising glimpses of the city in the process. It's strange to think how used to seeing the skyline from particular angles I am.

It was bright and sunny, and I had to take off my jumper only 5 minutes into the walk. Unfortunately I forgot sunscreen, and I think my nose may be a bit pink – it wasn’t too hot or fierce, but I was out in it from 12-2, the worst time of the day. Whoops. I had the latest edition of walk magazine with me, and so I enjoyed strolling through Melbourne and reading about rambling in Scotland near the English border. I figure that the walk, including coming back up to uni (where I am now) would be about 9 km. My pace was quite leisurely, so it took me a bit under 2 hours to get to work, and another 20 minutes up to uni.

Later this evening I will be walking back to Victoria St to meet friends for dinner. Yum!

ETA: mapped!

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