13 September 2008


Just a quickie to say that we now have an Essie and a Sajee with us in London, although Sajee's luggage is not here. Harrumph. I don't really have the head space for writing too much at the moment, so I shall leave it now, to go off to Hampstead, and crepes for the having thereof.


  1. crepes! aargh! no! i'd half forgotten about the crepes and now i am seriously jealous! i want hampstead crepes now damnit! nom nom.

    enjoy. i hope sajee's luggage gets there soon. :)

  2. the crepes were just as cheesy and hard to finish as i remember! oh, evj, we bought SO MUCH CHESE! mainly from a representative of Neal's Yard! yummmmmmmmmmm!

    sajee's luggage will arrive at heathrow at 7am today and be couriered out here by 'the afternoon' (hopefully early).