25 September 2008


ok, not really, but we had a lovely day involving camden today. first up we did a bit of admin stuff (spent most of yesterday doing same, actually) and went shopping for food to make veg and gluten free dishes for rosh hashanah on monday. when we got back, es and sajee were waiting for us! yay! they were dropping off/picking up stuff on their way to paris for a few days, and it was so good to see them. hung out for an hour or two before they drove off to the airport, and then db's grandmother (who is awesome!) drove us to the tube, which conveyed us to warwick avenue to meet ROSS! YAY ROSS! HE IS MY FAVOURITE ROSS! it was so good chatting to him and catching up. we had a look around the ambitiously named and predictably disappointing 'little venice', had a shit cup of coffee on a canal boat cafe (but it was on a boat, therefore awesome), then walked along regent's canal past london zoo to camden. at camden we looked hard for rude and/or tacky and/or dullest possible postcards, had some lunch, then walked down the street to have better coffee in my old fave cafe. on the way there i tried on one of those... short top hats (what are they called again?). it quite suited me. when i say that, i mean that i looked in the mirror and thought i was being pickpocketed by the artful dodger. fun times. this evening we went to el and leah's place for a lovely relaxing dinner (we also had a good evening at em and rich's place last night, and saw MIKE! YAY MIKE! HE IS MY FAVOURITE MIKE! and uly. YAY ULY! etc.)

in conclusion, i didn't get some nice trousers but i did go to camden, people are fun and food is good. tomorrow we go and pick up our hire car then drive to bristol for lunch and a stroll with i and j, head to hay-on-wye for a couple of nights, drive up to chester to stay with the lovely f and co., then back to london on monday via warrington (to see ddd) and birmingham (ww), arriving in time for rosh hashanah dinner. phew!

meanwhile, i've uploaded all the day 3 pics and will blog about it soon.

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  1. awesome awesome! wish i was there! camden! did you see vince noir??!?!? :D