20 January 2008

UK08 Preparation Walk 2

Last Wednesday, Sajee, Es, Dan and I headed to the Dandenongs for a walk through national park and the arboretum. There were lots of trees:

We have been doing a walk every month in preparation for our trip to the UK in September, when we are going to walk half of the Ridgeway (some of us with packs). We were pretty exhausted after 10 kms, so we obviously need the training (we’ll be walking 15 kms / 10 miles a day, approximately).

Actually, we were doing pretty well until the last 2 km, which was all uphill. And up a slope like this:

No wonder we had to help each other out:

But the view was worth it:

Pictorial evidence can be found at the other end of the rainbow. See also Essie’s pics.


  1. hey - you captured the angle of the slope v well.

  2. XD it makes one feel better, knowing how steep it was!