17 July 2006


You are cordially invited to join us in our new home
From 2pm on Sunday 23rd July
For an afternoon tea of various consumable treats (all vegetarian: vegans and coeliacs also catered for)

There will be socialising and merrymaking throughout the afternoon and into the early evening
Please feel free to bring yourselves, your partner/friend, your drink of choice (tea, coffee and non-alcoholic beverages provided), and a happy disposition!

For more information (address, dress code, and secret password) email, text and/or give us a call.


In very recent news (two updates on our thrilling lives in one day!) Julia just called us from the train station in Firenze (wanker!Florence), where she was waiting to board a train to a place without the euro – Slovenia! It was great to hear from her, and we are envious-o-rama of her time being a WOOFer in Tuscany!


  1. Hellooooo!

    More warming of the house, eh? I'll be there in spirit, bringing the heat of the Utah desert with me (but not the scorpions...unless you're partial to them in a salad or an exotic wine...).

    OOOOOO! I haven't been able to see pirates yet. It's not fair. I'm in AMERICA, where they MAKE all these films. It was sold out when I was in L.A and San Francisco and strangley enough there have been no cinema's in the dead end places we stop on this tour in between the national parks. I shall seek it out as soon as I get to Vegas. Hopefully they haven't out-lawed cinemas as an alternative form of entertainment to gambling.

    Miss you guys.


  2. scorpion wine. mmm, sounds... you guessed it! - DELICIOUS!!! sounds sort of like black market distilled alcohol, like graps mixed with meths. mmm.

    oooh! enjoy piratical goodness!!!

  3. I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

  4. e.pety icey hungry missyou7:53 pm, July 20, 2006

    Best! Useful information! I love your pics! Great site!

    oh i want to come to your party :(
    and it is on my bday and everything.

    i have just spent the day negotiating with c about the cafe i want to go to for bfast on my bday. apparently if we are back from playing music at a camp(or something to do with camping)event somewhere on a mountain with young people from burma we are allowed to go..

    have a great house warming!
    i will be there in spirit being festive and eating delicious food and drinking tea that does not taste like poison!

    erin xoxo

    my name on this comment was inspired by the joyous names of many a thai business attempting to attract westerners and/or be western-esque..

  5. Hi! Just want to say what a nice site. Bye, see you soon.