10 July 2006


no, really.

i had a dream that i was derrida, and that i/we was part of some spy/gambling network. my/our job was to get agents out of trouble, which they seemed to get into fairly frequently. it so happened that my/our good pal, wittgenstein was in deep waters - i think he stole a horse, or paid off a trainer or jockey for something - and was being pursued by some black-clad louts. as wittgenstein and i/we were (hush-hush) ex/lovers, the job of getting him out of danger was fraught not only with logistical, but emotional obstacles. luckily, we found a room (like the room of requirement) in the creative arts building (something like a mixture of levels 1 and 3, also with heavy velvet drapes and a 4 poster bed...)

i love dreams!

i LOVE wittgenstein!!!

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