11 July 2006


so. over the last week, i have lost TWO BEANIES.

careless? yes. annoyed? yes.

one of them i have had for over 2 years - the blue stripey one with ear covers. hardcore. from an outdoors shop. went all the way around europe with me, through heat and cold, wind and rain, across many a border. only to be left on the tram last thursday.

the other was new. yes, new! i bought it from target, on special. grey and wool, with a peak. just like i've always wanted. left on tram this morning.

yeah, i know. i should pay more attention to where i put my belongings. my bad.

but what really pisses me off is that, in both instances, there were people sitting next to/opposite me, and not one person either noticed or told me i'd dropped it or left it behind. not one. i don't get it. if someone drops something, i always run after them and hand it back - a wallet, a scarf, their pants, their boyfriend, doesn't matter: i'm after them!

i guess i should get off my lazy bum and call yarra trams and see if either of them have been handed in. but if they weren't turned in, i would be even more pissed off with fellow tram-users. and if they were, well, i'd have to go and pick them up or something, which is far more boring than actually buying another one.

maybe someone on scroungey centrelink payments picked them up and now has a warm head. in that case, good. but really, all you people on the tram - I HOPE YOU DROP SOMETHING REALLY IMPORTANT ONE DAY AND NOBODY TELLS YOU! actually, i don't. i hope you leave something behind today, and I pick it up and give it to you, and you recognise me as the person who you didn't think was worth the effort of saying, "oh, you dropped this," or "excuse me, is this yours". and i hope you feel guilty! FOREVER!!!


  1. stoopid people.
    don't worry, i'll go set fire to them all.
    in other news, i may have gone on a decembersits splurge. i blame you!!!

  2. oh ho! decemberists rock! blame rachel bowen, who bestowed upon me the joy that is my decemberists cd!

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