25 March 2006


DAN'S HOME! i went to collect him from the airport, and there he was! yay! i wish i always got a dan at the airport! he has some very cool pix of south africa, so eventually we'll have to put some up on photobucket (when we get around to doing the scotland ones, which will probably be when i get a new computer).

in other news, i waited for 40 minutes for a bus last night. FORTY MINUTES!!! well, to be exact, it was forty two minutes. and this was around 7-8pm on a friday night. this is why melbourne's public transport must die. i'm going to get esther j's kitten, toby, onto it!

last sunday i went for a hike with my aunt caroline (did i already write about this?) at wilson's prom. it was 23kms all up - 3 hrs from mt oberon carpark to waterloo bay (where the sand was white and round, and the sea was brilliant blue-turquoise), 1 hr for luncheon, and 3 hours back. wow. i can do it!!!

sorry i haven't updated for a while, but we'll try to get back on track! we did get some important letters from various house-related people (bank, bank's lawyers, our solicitor...) and the day drifts inevitably nearer!

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