4 June 2005


first of all, the zs and ys are going to be all mixed up, and the punctuation is going to be terrible, because i cant be bothered wrestling with the austrian kezboards. ok. good.

zurich (looks dumb as yurich, hez) is reallz quite nice. we had no expectations of it, so to find that we were stazing in the heart of the old town was special. we spent manz an hour wandering around the little streets, asking the comic store that specialised in french comics if thez had zugioh in english (thez didnt but it went up to book 33 in german!!!), wanting to buz an entire shop of funnz colourful childrens musical instruments (the instruments were funnz and colourful, the children were thankfullz not there), and looking at the menu for the outback bar. we will post pictures in the next week or so.

we also ATE FONDUE!!! it was verz exciting, and for all those who have attended one of our fondue parties, i have to saz we do it just as well as the swiss, if not better (ok, i maz be biased, but thez didnt give us caremelised onion, cherrz tomato, or mushroom dippers... onlz BROT).

took the night train to vienna (WIEN!), and checked into a lovelz little apartment for our first night. it was in the middle of the red light district (we are making a habit of this) which was, once again, not verz seedz. i was coming down with a cold (i HATE BEING SICK! sore throats and necks and ezes and noses and ears reallz SUCK), so weäve been taking it easz. went to the leopold museum zesterdaz to see HEAPS of scheile and klimt... i know zouäre jealous, mums!... it was fantastic. thez had a special exhibition called Naked Truth, detailing the changes in artistic depictions of the naked bodz around 1900 in vienna. it was reallz reallz cool. i think iäm converted to vienese (WEINER) painting!

todaz we carted all our stuff over to WOMBAT hostel, then went down to MUMOK, which is FREE this month because it is artyculturaly month or something. also very cool, although the pamphlet analzsing some of the modernist works was THE most wanky thing i have read for quite a while. iäll keep it for zou dad, so zou can impress zour kids at school! enjozed the exhibition Road to War, bz someone or another (canät remember the name)...

HEZ, while im at this art bit, im gonna plug mz folks exhibitions!!! mum has some work up in skepsi near melb uni, so CHECK IT OUT. mum and dad are also busy getting readz for an exhibition in (crap... where) bairnsdale, i think... so yeah, LOOK AT THE PRETTZ PICTURES!!! trust me, some of the crap we have seen in our travels is nowhere near as good (do i sound like im biased in anz waz... NO)

We are off to prague tomorrow... so i guess Youäll hear from us then, or when we get to berlin and meet with michelle and charlie (YAY!)... so take care guzs!!!


  1. lapping up a loose poached...1:52 pm, June 05, 2005

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!!!! Hope you had an oh so buckwheat and beer birthday in the glory that is prague. We miss you and we are JEALOUS!

    Btw, i think when we were in belgium the nice guy in the internet place told us you can change the way the keyboard is funny (i.e. swapping z for y etc). If you look down in the start bar in the right hand corner there should be two letters in a square (near the volumn control and time and stuff). If you click on that it should give you options to swap the keyboard over to NORMAL (i.e. on my computer it says "EN".) I think that's it anyway.

    Hope wombats was ok and not overrun by annoying busabout americans.

    HAVE FUN IN PRAGUE! Go to a teahouse! They have tea!

  2. i'm about to go and visit gamgee at work3:02 pm, June 05, 2005

    HAPPY BIRHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    JB are having a Yu-Gi-Oh! box set sale. If you were here, that's what you would have got. But you're not, so suck.

  3. esther the sick3:14 pm, June 05, 2005


    I am traumatised! I just got an email with the subject line: "Amazing health discovery, look 25 again!" .... How old do they think I look??!? I'm not even 24 yet! So when exactly was it that I looked 25? When I was 20 or 17 or 14?! Speaking of which, Rachel, how is it now, being in your mid-twenties?! Not long now for me...

    I hope you had a happy birthday! Warm, sunny, summer birthday? Well, you missed an 18ºC day with some sunshine, surrounded by cold nights. I also have a cold - or am getting one. I like Difflam. Difflam makes my throat not so sore. In fact, it makes my whole mouth numb. Numb is good. I want to stay indoors all day, but I think I have to go to the Supermarker of Death, and also to the library to stock up on Six Feet Under. This is essential to my recovery. Presuming the TV doesn't die. It's very suicidal at the moment. Keeps threatening to keel over at any moment. Seems to like badminton but not the OC. There could be method in the madness!

    ok, well, see you later chaps. Take care. Have fun and say Hi to Michelle and Charlie for me!

    esther von difflam

  4. why is it that other people can leave comments and I have to do it via e mail??????
    Love from techno phobe

  5. I've sussed it!!!!!!
    Hope you enjoyed the supermarket

  6. hey girl R and boy D, this be girl S from sinny (OK Sydney!) i av been reedin yr escapades, sounz pretty kool. We bin to NZ 4 concertz in Christchurch& at MtCook - Luke sang mountain songs & 4 songs from Odysseus - 'twas v good, v nice 2 b there in that gorjus countryside.I av finishd makin th radio prog on mountains 4 the ABC, but no broadcast date yet.Me&Pip be 'appy as larry, tho more broke than u want to admit, but survivin (just). I gotta finish writin Odysseus by end of Aug. for concert at Monash on Oct20 then agen in Melb on Nov20! Life gettin bit busy, but maybe sum money might appear!? 'Tis good to read yr exploits in Eur, glad Paris is nice 2 u, come and eat croissants wiv us in sinny & pretend yr bak there. Heepz o luv 2 u bofe frm sarah&philip xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx