20 June 2010


* The delicate, fine drizzle that wafts through the air, catching on my woollen jumper and making it look like it's covered in tiny glass beads, and sitting on my eyelashes making it look like faeries dancing when I blink.

* People wear excellent tights! All kinds of patterns and textures.

* Snuggling up in bed under the doona. When the night time temperatures don't drop below, say, 13 degrees it is just not cold enough to cuddle all night!

* The way the tops of the buildings in the city smudge and disappear into the clouds. I like to imagine that there's a whole sunny world up there, with sparkly unicorns and such . . . or else that they've been erased by a giant rubber, or engulfed by nothingness.

* It's cold enough to wear winter coats, or at least jumpers! Or to wear my shirt sleeves down and a vest over the top.

* The grass is green, gardens are growing, the creeks are flowing.

* While on some days it's just stratus, stratus, stratus, there can be some excellent cloudspotting opportunities.

* Puddles!

* Hail!

* Drinking peaty whisky (or a hot toddy!) at my favourite pub.

* Curling up in front of the heater with the sound of rain outside.


  1. This is a lovely, lovely list. :) Thank you for sharing it.

  2. A+++++ list.

    Oh, winter.
    Oh, Melbourne.

  3. In the middle of an English summer, you've just brought a grin to my face at the thought of cloudspotting opportunities or a giant rubber erasing tall buildings. Thank you!

  4. i'm glad to share with you lovely peeps!

    today was amazing - started off with dense fog, making everything appear a little bit eerie as i walked to carlton. then, on the way home on the tram, it thinned out enough so that the sunshine fell lightly through, and everything was shining!

    it's not always cloudy and foggy, though - 3 out of the last 7 days have been mostly/almost completely sunny!