3 June 2010


1. We're going out to the Dandenongs on the weekend for 2 days of walking (present to myself for my birthday)! Yay! Here's a map of the route we plan to walk and here's the lol!B&B where we're staying on Saturday night. Looking forward to it!

2. Here's a cool article about walking from the mainland of the Netherlands to Ameland. We stayed on Ameland with my family in early January 2009, and it was lovely, but I can't imagine doing this walk at that time of year, with all the ice we could see in the water! Maybe we'll get to Ameland again one day and do this...


  1. You lucky s*ds, that looks to be a brilliant weekend! Looking forward to the pictures.

    Mud walking? http://www.morecambe.co.uk/walk.html

  2. hi jenny! i was reading something about an old guy who takes groups walking across morecambe bay (i think), and it sounded like fun! . . . oh, in fact, it was cedric robinson who i was reading about!

    i'll definitely take photos, and will try to get them up in the next week or two!