11 April 2010


I woke up this morning feeling a little seedy after a night that involved a couple of cocktails more and a few hours of sleep less than i needed. However, the wind was blowing in through the open windows, bringing with it the crisp, clean smell of autumn! Yes, it's here! Walking season, here we come! Instead of walking, however, I had a long bath and listened to some podcasts about hiking the Appalachian Trail (see also).

The ATHiking podcasts focus mainly on sectional hiking on the Appalacian Trail, but a lot of the information is generalisable: they talk about food, gear, maps, photography, lightweighting, etc.

The Trailcast series centres on interviews with thru-hikers on the Appalachian Trail (and other long distance trails). the interviews are conducted with hikers as they're on the trail, so you get a bit of the vibe of their walk. It's really interesting to hear different people's attitudes and experiences, and I appreciate that many of the interviews are with women.

It could be fun to make podcasts!


  1. I followed the AT link and ended up spending half an hour reading about ultralight camping. I could totally get behind that, I think: the one part of overnight hiking I never much liked was lugging a heavy damn pack around.

  2. yes, it almost makes me enthused about camping! BUT NOT QUITE! i've mentioned before that i could get into lightweight/ultralight things, but i fear that people would (rightly) look at me oddly as i drilled holes through my sawn-off toothbrush handle in order to lose that extra gram of weight!