28 April 2009


We walked about 25km on Sunday! We went from Eltham, down Diamond Creek to the Yarra, then along the Yarra and up to Ivanhoe train station. Full post to follow when I get around to uploading photos.

From the "I forgot about that" files, for future reference:
* That little pinching feeling on my little toe? It is probably a blister. I need to remember to take my boots off and apply a bandaid immediately!

* Same goes for that pinching feeling on my instep . . . even if I don't think it's a place a blister SHOULD be, it's still probably a blister!

* Water is good. Drink it.

* Replenishing sodium is important. Do it.

* Warm-downs are VERY important. If you don't do enough you will end up with a thigh cramp in the bath! Painful and hilarious!

* Don't hike in worn-out boots. I'm going to the podiatrist today to hopefully get new insoles (usually this takes a couple of weeks). Once I have them, I will be buying some new boots, as the sole on my pair has worn through.

Despite this list, I had a good time! Yay for walking.


  1. ooh - i'm guessing you are very sore indeed... :(
    sajee has been hobbling around quite gingerly too, but she also had a good time :)

  2. as very sore that evening, but apart from a bit of stiffness and the usual shin splints the day after, i was feeling surprisingly good. in fact, i slept better than i had for weeks!

    i'm glad sajee had a good time, too. we walked so farrrrrr!