21 January 2009


new hollandt on the old globe
New Hollandt, in the Museum of Ancient Maps

You know what? I am so jetlagged that I can’t be arsed writing properly about Italy. I feel really weird and kind of dreamy and it’s not even 9am at the time of writing*, so I can’t sleep for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS! [* It's now 6pm, so I will be able to sleep SOOOOOON!]

We got upgraded on the flight home, which was AWESOME! It meant having more (some!) leg room, friendly staff, noise-cancelling headsets, seats that reclined enough to make sleeping possible, and a glass of champagne before takeoff. Fantastic! We left the flight feeling almost human! It helped that our lovely friends SJ and Es were there to meet us and take us home.

painted building, scooters
Painted building and scooters = Italy!

OK, but Italy? THAT WAS FUN! I’d never met N before, and it was great to stay with him for a couple of nights, meet his cute dog and his flatmates, walk for miles and miles around the city, visit 34980 museums, eat enormous pizza, drink good coffee, and teach him about cricket. Internet friends are awesome!

n&j are mysterious
N and J being mysterious

jack is skeptical about waking up to say goodbye
The cute dog, Jack

Given that I am so jetlagged and lazy, you are very lucky that N has blogged about our adventures already, so you can read all about it there! You can also see his picspam of my face here!

square with cyclist
Beautiful Bologna!

Huge pizza

You can find more photos from Bologna here.

eye in the basilica

And that is that, I suppose! We've had a nice day in the sunshine, meeting E for delicious brunch at Tin Pot and going to her parents' house to watch some Obama stuff and drink champagne laugh at inappropriate moments. It's hot here, but I'm glad we didn't fly in yesterday during the daytime, because it got to OVER 40 DEGREES. YUCK! Bring back the ice and frost!

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