13 January 2009


J woke up very early, and started a load of washing . . . well, got in the queue – it wasn’t finished in the end until midday! It’s amazing that the dishwasher is so speedy (it takes TWO MINUTES!) yet the washing machine takes hours.

The washing meant we were stuck at home all morning, even though a big group of people went to hire bikes and go for a ride around the island. We sat in the relaxing lounge with C, K, M D and sometimes A and M, wrote blogs, listened to music, watched M D be cute, chatted, drank tea . . . It was good.

In the afternoon, D and J walked into Nes with C, did a bit of shopping, got some AMAZING 3D POSTCARDS OF THE GIANT EVIL SEAL OF AMELAND. (We don't have any pictures, but you'll have to take our word for it - they were the best postcards in the history of 4eva!) We also bought some yummy cheese so we could have a quiet little picnic away from the crowd at some point.

Had a 4 o’clock mystery meal at the de Jong restaurant and helped C and A with some shopping, while laughing at more slightly inappropriate Dutch spellings (u kunt apparantly means you can).

Walked home in the dark and watched the stunning sunset.

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