19 October 2008


we spent the week in london, and lots of time with sajee and es. on the tuesday we went to the V&A, where we saw stacks of awesome exhibitions.

my favourite was probably the musical instruments room - full of old clavichords and harpsichords, music boxes, english and portugese guitars, weird recorder-type things, harps, hurdy-gurdies . . . d and i wanted to play them ALL! i was also pretty keen on all the textile and fashion exhibits. the textile sample library is super cool!

we saw a lot of dandy clothes there, and i really wanted to buy this 'plain or fancy' t-shirt, but they didn't have the size i needed (medium). sadface.

i also found the keys and locks section really fascinating. mmm, keys! OH! BUT POSSIBLY THE BEST BIT was having lunch in the gorgeous tea rooms! (you can read about them in this picture.)

i had an AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS pot pie, with lentils and cheese and mushrooms and leek and wine and OMG. YUM.

gratuitous es looking cute in her london dress!


on the wednesday, d and i went to his grandparents' place for lunch. it was good to have a meal with them and a chat about various things as d helped them with some technical issues they were having with their tv. their garden was lovely, too.

it was quite a relaxed day for us, and we met sj and es and l in camden for a drink AND POSSIBLY THE BEST CHIPS I HAVE EVER EATEN. they were pretty damn yum! the pub was also fairly chilled, not too busy, not too pretentious, not too snooty. good work, pub. the company? A+!

d had strawberry beer. it was very sweet. i had to swap with him in the end, so that he could drink the rest of my hoegaarden.

will post about thursday, friday and saturday soon!