8 October 2008


And so we found ourselves heading to Bristol, after spending a lovely couple of days in London and seeing R for a walk along Regent’s Canal to Camden (where no trousers were bought).

We went via the services, where we bought some . . . food . . . and I insisted on a photograph – mainly this is for you, R!

In Bristol we found our way eventually to Clifton to see I and J. They were most gracious hosts, showing us around their lovely house, and taking us out for a fantastic lunch at Arch Way Deli. LOOK AT THIS PLOUGHMAN’S LUNCH! Om nom nom.

There I also bought a sugar mouse, which I called Sugar Mouse and took with us on an adventure before eating it. Now, I seem to remember a book from my childhood that featured sugar mice, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was. Any ideas?

Look at the enormous teacup! Actually, it’s a flowerpot.

We walked along the gorge and through more of the town, talking and gossiping and generally having a good time. We looked at the Clifton suspension bridge, and I was pleased to not have to walk over it, as it was very, VERY high. Later on, we drove over it (after paying our 50p or whatever), and I thankfully could not see anything of the view.

But all too soon we had to depart, and cross over into Wales to our destination – Hay-on-Wye. It was evening when we arrived, but we checked in and went for a wander through the very quiet town, guided by our map o’ bookshops. Everything was closed apart from the pubs and the chip shop, so we got some chips and went and ate them sitting under the bridge, watching the fish jump and the sun set.

It was a rather delightful day.


  1. re: sugar mice, could it have been Nina Bawden? i have no idea if it's right, but that was the name that popped into *my* head.

  2. nix not signed in4:55 am, October 09, 2008

    is that an author? i can't remember the author, but i vaguely remember the book...

  3. yeah, the author. she wrote children's fantasy that often had wartime themes (if i'm remembering correctly). i think the reason sugar mice made me think of her is that one of her books is called Peppermint Pig *facepalm*

  4. It was so good to see you guise and I am very grumpy about the thing where you are not here any more.