22 July 2008


On Sunday, SJ, DB and I did our longest walk together yet! (And it turned out to be only a few kms short of my longest day of walking ever). We met in the cool, overcast morning just after 9am at the Feddo tramstop. SJ, having arrived a few minutes early, had procured for herself a coffee. As we set off alongside the Yarra, we noted the time and the artwork.

A little further along the river we also noted the temperature on the Nylex sign (it was 13 degrees, forecast top of 14), and explored the underbelly of the roads and bridges. I had dreamt the previous night that we were walking along the path over the water when a flash flood threatened to wash us away. Luckily nothing so drastic happened.

In fact, the most shocking things that happened during the day was our discovery of the presumed-mythical University of Melbourne BURNLEY CAMPUS and also our discovery of and competition with our nemesises. The nemisisises were three walkers on the other side of the river, who we ‘outpaced’ (read: ‘had to walk a shorter distance than’) to Bridge Rd, at which point we reclined for our first luncheon in a pagoda and they passed us. That was the last we saw of them!

From there we continued up the river, rather foolishly at one point deciding to follow a map on a sign that claimed we could walk up the west side of the river when in fact we could not, and found ourselves rather confusedly walking west along Victoria St. It did give us an opportunity for some posing and stickybeaking in the back streets of the area, before we rejoined the river and soon found our way to the next scheduled stop – Abbotsford Convent.

We had a little look around the market, then had second lunch at Lentil as Anything (delicious curry!), and THEN we LOOKED AT GOATS at the Collingwood Children’s Farm. We could barely tear SJ away, but eventually we made it to Dights Falls, pausing for a very brief look at the meeting point of the Merri and the Yarra, before heading off up the Merri Creek towards the Green Grocer.

By the time we reached Rushall Station, we were quite weary. Nobody seemed too fussed about stopping in North Fitzroy, but I really wanted trifle! Unfortunately, trifle was not to be had, but we sat at the café for a little while, took refreshments and looked at the scruffy little dog. I took my boots off. That was awesome.

Starting up along the home stretch proved to be difficult, and I fear to think what we might have looked like, staggering through the streets of North Fitzroy. But we were determined to finish on foot rather than taking the tram – it’s the principle of the matter, you know!

And so, at about 4pm, we tumbled up the stairs to our apartment, invited E, L, A and E over for tea (they brought delicious cupcakes) and proceeded to be exhausted. I’m glad there wasn’t anyone recording the groans of ecstasy as we took off our boots. Dirty. We were so exhausted, in fact, that we forgot to take an ‘after’ picture.

However, SJ did make this map of where we walked, for those of you playing at home:

map of walk (20 july 2008)

Wow! Over 22kms!!!



  1. that goat has four legs! i want my money back! >:(

  2. alas! i didn't get a pic of the 3 legged goat!

  3. i am impressed, too! the longest walk i think i've done in one day was about 25km with one massive hill. that was a long day!