6 July 2008


i hope you like the new colours on our blog. it's not particularly awesome, but i'm always so proud of myself when i manage to do some coding!

dan and i decided we would visit hay-on-wye in wales. it's a book town, with over 30 bookshops - one of the highest rates of bookshops per capita in the world, i believe! so, the plans are:

thursday 25th september: travel from london to hay-on-wye, via oxford to catch up with a friend. stay in a b&b or hotel.

friday 26th: spend the day exploring bookshops and doing some little walks around the area.

saturday 27th: drive up to chester, taking our time to have a look around on the way. meet up with the lovely f and her beau. stay overnight in chester.

sunday 28th: spend the day with the guys, maybe go for a little walk/picnic in the surrounding countryside. stay in chester.

monday 29th: go up to wallingford to meet a friend for lunch, then head back down to london in the afternoon.

i looked at the cost of using trains and buses to do this, and it amounted to about 300 pounds. if we hire a car, it will cost about 150 pounds (including the cost of an additional driver) plus petrol. in all, it will probably even out, but driving gives us a lot more flexibility. so that's probably what we'll do.

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