2 November 2006


coffee maker: yes?
me: hey. do you guys do soy milk?
cm: yes, we do.
me: can i please have a soy flat white?
cm: what, sorry?
me: could i please have a Soy Flat White?
cm: oh, uh, yes... ... a flat white is sorta like a latte, isn't it?
me: uh. yeah, kinda.
cm: [makes me a caffe latte in a cup]


i still forget to do the two-cheek kiss. i keep smacking my face into other peoples faces when they go for the second one. greedy bastards.


me, dan and michael: [walk into a camden cafe and goggle at the lovely looking cakes]
dan: it's just like melbourne
[we look around and agree that the cafe is very melbourne-like. time passes]
cafe staff member: what can i get you, then?
me: um, can i have a - do you have soy?
csm: yeah, we've got soy
me: can i please have a, um, a soy flat white?
csm: yeah, sure ... ... ah, are you from australia?
me: heh...
csm: [proceeds to make me a delicious flat white]


  1. tee hee. i was in a cafe recently and my friend and i ordered a coke spider and earl grey tea with (what sort of soy do you use? vitasoy? ok, with soy milk please). deviating from our usual flat whites turned a simple cafe outing into grandma and grandson out on the town.

  2. hee! spiders! i actually seriously considered making a spider the other day, which is weird, as i never really liked them that much. i mean, i love the aesthetic - the BUBBLES and FROTH and good stuff - but they always leave me wanting more. and it always leaves that horrid film all over the glass.