8 November 2006



the fake plants are actually real! crazy. here we are at singapore, where the internet is free for a few minutes. our flight has been ok so far... there was listening to led zeppelin and watching 'hustle' (dan), 'solo' and 'the sentinal' (hahah!) (me... of course). and eating of curry for breakfast (me) and the cheddar omlette that looks the same as the scrambled eggs according to the voice on the pa.

seeing erin was lovely - on saturday we went to camden market and ate chocolate coated strawberries, drank various beers, then headed to hampstead for crepes. YUMMO! on saturday night it was dan's party, which was great and busy (and i had a damn cold. crap. now dan has it). more on that another time, perhaps. on sunday we ate pancakes for breakfast and went out to hertfordshire (little berkhampstead) for old times sake... did a lovely rambling walk through fields and woods, and ate chocolate in the company of a pheasant (not a peasant). came home, had pizza, chatted, dan's friends came around to say goodbye. it was so good to see erin again (and all the other chaps, too!).

anyway, timeout on the internet soon, so we'll write more later. looking forward to seeing the melbourne-residing gang again soon!


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