8 June 2006


settlement is in FIVE DAYS! woohoo!!!

we are wondering if anyone would like to spend a part of wednesday or thursday next week driving boxes from one place to another... i know, i know, a pretty fun sounding day!!! we can go out for lunch or dinner to make up for it!

(seriously, if you can, please text, call or email!)


  1. i'll have work, but if i can do any night time stuff... okay that's not helpful.
    also, bookcases and that couch (actually, maybe a chair or two come to think of it) if you have the time and truckage to pick them up. woot.

  2. well, unless we get truckage, then... but i'm all up for bookcases and couch. i'll have to see what we can manage with cars and trailers. night time is actually probably helpful... will text.