28 June 2006


We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.

Just come from rallying against the IR laws. Fun. Big! People gathered at parliament and at both ends of Swanston (Esther J and I hooked up with the teachers at Feddo) and marched to the corner of Bourke and Swanston, making a giant Eureka flag. Songs were sung, chants were chanted, and we all said the Eureka Oath, fists in the air. (Kim Beasley and Steve Bracks were there buying votes too...)


At the end of our street, there is a tree with pointy red and gold leaves (now mostly fallen) and prickly seedpods. Yesterday and today the tree was also adorned with galahs! Yay for their pinkness! And their uncoordinated attmpts at holding onto the seedpods!


Last night Dan and I had our first of (most probably, and hopefully) many Indian take-away nights. We were all out of red wine, however (ALARM!)... Luckily, in this time of dire need, a CAN OF WINE (yes, you heard) - bequeathed by Erin and Julia when they were Erin-and-Julia - made an appearance. At first we were afraid, we were petrified... but the thought of dining sans wine was too hard to bear and so we cracked it open. It was suprisingly nice. Thanks guys!


  1. 'Feddo'??!! Oh my, I really have been away from Melbourne for a long time, haven't I?

    Gallahs! Hilarious indeed.

    In Brugge we saw ducks having sex SIX TIMES in one day!! Not the same pair going for it six times, but six different pairs. Have you ever seen ducks having sex? They do this whole head bobbing courting thing first and then the male grabs onto the female's neck and hops on, practically drowning her! Actually, a couple of them that we witnessed were more like rapes - the female duck was piss-bolting (!) around the pond to get away from one very determined male duck, who eventually managed to grab onto her neck and have his way with her. Devastating. Bastard.

    Look out for gallah sex and tell me about it.

    Pidgeons used to have sex on my hills hoist (!!) in Bent Street all the time. Scratchy and awkward. Wings and feathers everywhere.

  2. a back yard full of birds' guts
    or a front yard full of cat's guts
    or a suburb plastered with little bits of us...

    :) i remember your pigeonsex stories.

    yeah, feddo roxx! the city hasn't caught on to my charming nickname, "feddo", preferring the (much more cumbersome and unaustralian) "fedsquare". bunch of elitist wankers that they are!

    ducksex is disturbing. i try not to watch.