24 May 2006


our flights to and from the uk later this year have been booked! we leave melb on october 12th, and london on november 7th. in our time there we will catch up with dan's fam and friends (there is overlap!), and do a wonderful walk - probably this walk along the thames path. we will probably do 5 days for walking, from the source to oxford. we will hopefully go all out, and stay in b&bs at kemble (night before), cricklade, lechlade, ummm, tadpole bridge (i think), and northmoor... maybe in oxford, but maybe hostels, as we could be broke by then.

we were also planning on visiting erin and julia in scotland, but sadly erin-and-julia (or julia-and-erin) is no more. we aren't sure if michelle and/or charlie will be there...? at any rate, this gives us more time for exploring other things, maybe even doing a second walk?

still haven't booked birthday things, but please get in contact with me - we'll probably go to crooners on lygon st (where we had our going away drinks last year), because it's easy. and yum yum yum eggplant chips.


  1. Heya! Back to the UK, eh? Fun fun fun! I may or may not be in Scotland around October - Charlie definitely wont be. I'll be in Europe for the entire summer, but I'm not sure what I'll be doing beyond that. I really don't know. I'm bound to figure it out at some point though, so stay tuned!!

    I'm leaving Berlin on June 1st (Charlie is leaving on May 30th) so I'll have a blog up by then! Also fun fun fun.

    Have a yummy birthday!

  2. thanks for bday wishes. we will think of you.

    it will be cool when you have a blog! we will make sure to stay in contact so that we can catch up IN PERSON at some stage - if not europe, then when...? (if not today, then when?)

    june the 1st! wow - seems like only a year ago... (actually it almost is a year ago that we were there!)

  3. e. p. walkathon11:02 am, May 26, 2006

    i will probably most likely definitely be in the land of scot by october
    (unless some huge crazy life-changing thing happens..im not writing them off anymore..)
    so we will probably most likely definitely have to catch up and drink whisky and be festive
    maybe by then i will be really into walking and we can walk together somewhere..
    (i am making all these walking-activity-based promises; the other day i told my dad i'd join him on the kokoda[sp?] trail..can anyone ever really see me doing that/doing that and finishing alive)

  4. good news-oh!

    walking and eating/drinking in that order. festivities should take place simultaneously.

  5. e. petice camelback10:49 am, May 29, 2006

    ill get me one of those camelback things and fill it with scotch
    that(portable basically I.V. whisky) might be all i need to set me off on a sporting lifepath..

  6. heh, i think that it'll do wonders for your sporting lifepath - all that exercise you would do... drinking, falling down, getting up again, drinking, climbing onto the roof of the church, passing out, waking up, drinking more... the list is endless!