28 May 2006


it's me berfdai!

come along to crooners (43-49 lygon st brunswick) this saturday 5th june at about 8:30-9pm. have a drink and a chat! we'll probably be there until 11pm-ish - and who knows, we might end up at cafe romantica later in the evening!!! (oh, the joy!)

* drinks are fairly average price (not cheap, but ok as far as i remember).

* light snacks are available (i recommend the eggplant chips!), though i'm not sure if they have vegan- or coeliac-friendly food.

* they have a 70s and 80s night on saturday, so i'm hoping for a mullet or two, and perhaps some stirrup-pant action!

* toilets are segregated (M and F only/exclusive)

please don't be offended if you didn't receive a text or an email. i've tried to contact everyone, but some emails have bounced, and i don't have everyone's phone number/s...

cheers, mateys!

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