4 September 2005


hello (to be said in the style of lupin to neville in DADA class)... esther is here! sunny days are here!!! tomorrow we won't be here!

off to scotland tomorrow. 3 nights in edinburgh, 2 near the cairngorms (?), 3 in orkney... a couple more somewhere, a couple on skye, then to our cottage for a week of fun with ross and jen. then back here for a few days and then back to australia. can't believe it's so soon!

it is so nice having esther with us. yesterday we picked her up from stansted, then came back, sat in the sunny garden, watched the mighty boosh, went out to sit in golders hill park and watch the sun set (it looked like a pink grapefruit)... today we went to camden market, where esther bought earrings made of bits of circut boards, and dan and i bought food. then to hampstead for (of course) CREPES and iced tea/chocolate/etc. met uly and mike and went up primrose hill for a while... and now we're here, and - as previously stated - tomorrow we will be gone.

no more milk from the milkman, no more 'look left. look right' painted on the roads. no more laptop computer. no more katzes - apart from dan and danny of course...

will try to update a couple of times in scotland. see you round!


  1. Hi Esther von Rachel von Dan! Happy together...it's a beautiful thing. Your week in Scotland together sounds like it's going to be much fun - give Ross and Jen big fat cuddles from me and tell Ross I'll see him sometime next year (May/June?)! In the meantime, enjoy Esther's Swiss chocolate (I didn't eat it ALL!)!

  2. I see a bad mood rising...11:26 am, September 06, 2005

    Look, I'm sorry. I could be supportive and not-jealous up until now but i have finally cracked. This just isn't fair anymore!!! The northcote military tatu of death has been GUTTED and might as well start up a spin-off European group since most members of the band ARE VERY FAR AWAY FROM NORTHCOTE! I don't like it that you are all away having fun in England and other Europes and i am STILL in MELBOURNE working at this stupid school full of stupid kids and stupid principals and i have to go to the stupid supermarket that isn't fun at all because everything is in english and in prices i understand and get served by stupid check out people called 'teesha'. Stupid. I'm over it. COME BACK RIGHT NOW!

  3. Okaaaaay...! Someone's got issues....Why don't you COME HERE RIGHT NOW! Melbourne's not so bad, anyway. It could be worse - you could be in Brisbane!!! Admittedly though, I do have fun at the minimarket I go to. The lady who serves me always gets very excited when I buy sweet potatoes. Last time she asked me how I cook them and what I use them for, which was awkward because she was speaking German and my German is still pretty bad and she was speaking German with a Vietnamese accent which threw a whole new spanner in the works! We did establish, though, that she boils her sweet potatoes, I roast them. I roast them all the time to make that yummy sweet potato salad that Rachel taught me how to make when she was staying with me a couple of months ago!!! Eeep! I didn't mean to put salt on your evidently very fresh wound!!! See you next year, though, right? Or maybe you could zip over even sooner, so we can all share the sweet potato love together!