12 September 2005


Hallo, folks. Dan here, with a brief update for you lovely people out there in warmer places. We are currently sitting in The Orkney Library in, er, Orkney. It is Agatha Christie week here, and the staff are all wearing highly amusing wigs and cardigans and skirts and sporting the obligatory detective magnifying glass (tm) - so there are pleny of Miss Marples and Hercule Poirots walking around me as I type.

It is cold here. Rachel has a cold. Dan has a cold. Esther has a hole in her leg and hobbles, from when she fell over in the street. Other than that, Orkney is fab! So fab, in fact, that we have decided to extend our stay here. We are staying in a hostel on an organic farm, with three tiny kittens (Esther is in heaven!).

Since leaving London, we have seen: Edinburgh, which was great; Kingussie, which was great, also; John O'Groats, which was, in the accurate words of Lonely Planet, an 'overdressed car park' (although there were a number of celebrities in town filming something for channel 5 - Brian Blessed, the bloke from Top Gear who isn't Jeremy Clarkson, and many other fabulously famous people whom I recognised but couldn't name).

On our way to the ferry to Orkney, we (I) decided that it would be a wonderful thing to do to drive into a ditch and get stuck. And so I did. Luckily, some people stopped and helped us out, otherwise we'd probably be there still.

However, we made it over to Orkney, and looked at lots of really old things, like The Ring of Brodgar, Scara Brae, the excellent Maes Howe... It has all been too splendid.

Anyway, I promised that this would be brief, so I will let you, dear reader, get back to whatever vitally important task you were in the middle of doing when you took a break to read this. Fare thee well.

Next stop, Skye...


  1. Sam sam the samming man11:38 pm, September 12, 2005

    was the killer... jim?
    am awaiting your return with joyful excitement.
    have come up with new term, "the lesbinator". am waiting to use it in sentence relating to hating alison ashley.
    do you care? you shouldn't, as this is ramble.-or.

  2. when we get back, i want to watch this H.A.A. film. also buba-hotep/bubba-ho-tep/babbalababba... also eat melbourne breakfasts (i have been vindicated by some non-australians we met at the hostel, who raved about breakfasts in melbourne)... skye is BEAUTIFUL STUNNING AND OTHER POSITIVE THINGS.

  3. 'Ello Chaps!

    My apologies...I've haven't checked your blog in an age. Busy, busy me...

    Well, it all sounds like a great ol' lark. I particularly liked your adventures with the manual car and "I tink your en turd." Tee hee! Let us praise the almighty automatic! Hurrah! Hurrah!

    You must tell Esther that I can empathise... I also have holes in my legs. I fell over while running for the train at Eltham Station and now have one fabulous scab and delightful array of colourful bruises... My dad encouraged me to take a photo and send it to you all now that we have a digital camera. Ah, the wonderful things that we can do with technology!

    Dito to Julia's rant! I've got all of three friends in Australia now that Maddie is overseas! She's in Amsterdam and keeps telling me about wonderful architechture and pretty boys with long fingers and immaculate shoes...

    Pooh, Pooh! It's raining here in Melbourne. So much for spring eh? The weather has been particularly eratic... Mind you, the blossoms are out in flower and the air smells like Spring. I can't wait until the Summer. Yes, yes!

    Anyhowzen, I have a massive assignment to do. YAY procrastination!

    My love to you all.


  4. Heya guys! I know I emailed before but I decided to check out the blog again! Can't wait to catch up with you guys again!