4 March 2011


Is it possible to be addicted to someone else's life? I have never been a soap opera watcher, I have never read serials in magazines or papers, I have never listened to long-running radio shows, I have (almost) never been a fan of reality TV like Big Brother . . . but I am seriously hooked on Wondering Wanderers!

WW is the blog of a white, middle-class family (Mum, Dad, two kids) who have just set off in a campervan for a year of WWOOFing around the UK. It has so much of the stuff I love: practical discussions about planning, clearing, getting things together, packing; discussions about the communication skills needed to keep things going; a dream and a vision; fun . . . it pushes all my buttons*! Every day I check (twice!) for updates, to see how they're going, what they've done, how their van is holding up, if their tenants have moved into their house, what their hosts will be like. It's so fun to feel like I'm on the adventure with them.

Maybe you'll be into it, too? (I suggest starting from the beginning to get the full story - and to make it all last longer!)

* Apart from some of those political and activist-y ones I discussed in an earlier post. But hey, you can't have everything.


  1. now I am addicted! but what's one more blog to read while I am pretending to work! :D

  2. yay! we can start a WW fansite.

  3. PMSL have just clicked through and read this. Dragon and Star are very excited at the thought of having fans!

    We love having readers - and commenters just as much as you guys seem to love reading :) xx